Bread For The Journey, April 5

Posted on Feb 27th, 2013


Please join us  Friday,April 5 for “Bread for the Journey. We are calling the gathering ”Bread for the Journey” because each of us is travelling a path. With intention, we are travelling a path of choice, one reflective of our values and aspirations. Our journey requires the bread of hope, love and support.

Bread for the Journey will begin with a simple meal of soup and bread at 5:30 PM in the Douglasdale Studio. It will continue with a worship service at 6:30 PM that will last about half and hour and conclude with tea and conversation for those who wish to stay awhile longer. The evening will be “communal,” “musical,” and “embodied.”

Communal means that the value of attendance and participation is high.  Each person who comes should be welcome to bring their whole self, including their struggles, to the gathering.  If something difficult is going on right now, they will have opportunity to name it, include it.  Sometimes it will be a difficult task they have been given, the care of a loved one, the struggle to do work  ethically.  Other times it will be a chosen effort, perhaps a ministry in the congregation like the work of stewardship, multiculturalism or caring roles.  The idea is to bring to this community event both the struggles and the celebrations we encounter in our many journeys.  We break bread to nourish and get to know one another better.

Musical refers to the act of singing and how it brings us together.  Singing is a ritual act where our voices, our words, our very breath come together.  With the help of dear friends of the New Beginning Choir, we want to sing from our hearts and sing ourselves into hope.  The service will have lots of singing.

Embodied refers to being attentive to our physical selves.  For those who appreciate worship with motion, movement and expression, this event will nourish.