Board of Directors

The nine-member Board of Directors of First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond is focused on guiding the church in its goal to realize the vision and mission, and to plan for the future.  The Board’s primary activities include communication; articulation of First Unitarian Universalist Church’s goals and priorities; fiduciary responsibility; envisioning expansion or strengthening of the Church’s programs; and systematic evaluation of the Church’s ministry and the Board itself.

Vision:  Rooted as we are in the metropolitan area of Richmond, capital of our Commonwealth, we note our special opportunity to speak to the issues of our day and act in the realization of justice here on earth.  In this, we stand with all who have ever been members of our liberal religious communities and our Unitarian Universalist movement, continuing their legacy of working to realize love and justice here on earth.


We grow, in search of wisdom.

We care in support of community.

We act in service of justice.

The Board meets every second Thursday at 6:30.  Contact one of the Board members if you have a question or issue to bring before the Board.

President:  Dorothy Hollahan

First Vice President:  Nikki Rovner

Second Vice President: Anne Joseph

Treasurer:  Carl Fischer

Assistant Treasurer:  Kathleen Labat

Secretary:  Rick Carr

Board Member:  Wendy Degroat

Board Member:  Penny Caudle

Board Member:  Mark Reimers

Immediate Past President: Fricka Raycroft