Welcome Visitors and Newcomers

Ever ask yourself what you might be missing by not belonging to a religious community? Perhaps you were once a church member but left when it became apparent that your beliefs were very different from those of the other members. But still, you may miss the feeling of being in a supportive community and you’d like to be challenged to live a good life. It may even be that you need someplace where your children learn how to set their moral compass in a good direction. Maybe you just want to be a part of a group doing some good in this world. If you long for any of these, what you may be missing is a spiritual home – a community.

One thing you should know about our religious community: we have no creeds and we do not expect you to believe certain things to join our spiritual home. In fact, we think it is essential that you work out your own creed, decide what is eternal and true and live your life consistent with those beliefs. Everyone you meet here at First Unitarian Universalist is doing just that and what makes us a religious community is our commitment to support one another in that process. We join together to learn, grow and serve ourselves, each other, and the world.

So if you have wondered if there could ever be a spiritual home for you, we may be that place. We invite you to visit our Sunday service, participate in our educational and social events and join with us in our efforts to bend the world toward love and justice.