Support Liberal Religion

Our seven UU Principles are the backbone of our faith.  By incorporating them into your daily life, you are supporting tolerance, equality, personal growth, compassion, environmentalism, and liberal religion. 

Our mission highlights 3 powerful words:  GROW   CARE   ACT

You can support liberal religion in each area:


1.  Watch a video about our faith.

2.  Participate in one of our Adult Religious Education (ARE) classes

3.  Come to Gallery and support local artists.


1.  Join a fellowship group at the church or on your own and build a sense of community.

2.  Check in on your elderly neighbor, show compassion for someone going through a rough time, celebrate others’ triumphs!


1.  November is Racial Harmony month!  Check out the Racial Harmony calendar and attend an event.

2.  Donate to the Central Virginia Food Bank.  You can drop your donation off at First UU.

3.  Participate in our “Mitten Tree” project.  Pick a mitten in the lobby with the name and Christmas wish of a resident of the Dominion home and shop with joy!