Stewardship Campaign

March 4th 2017 kicked off our annual Stewardship Pledge Drive, where each church member and friend makes a pledge to First UU of what they will give the church financially from July 1, 2017 – June 30, 2018. Pledges enable us to effectively build the budget.

Click here to see how your support provided for our community in the last year.

We are Called to Act in three areas to enact our vision for the coming year:

• Responsibly caring for our church staff and building so that both can fullly support our congregation and others from the community who gather here

• Provide a ripe environment for the spiritual growth & development of all who come here, so that we may go back out and do the work of spreading beloved community outside our walls

• Take our social justice endeavors to the next level during a consequential time when our community needs it the most

Our building and staff largely determine the extent we can serve our congregation. We need to establish a fund for routine and unanticipated maintenance for this 45-year-old building, replace the roof in stages, consider security upgrades, and retire our renovation debt as soon as possible. We are also Called to Act to morally compensate our staff for the hours necessary to support a church of 700 members (plus our youth) and also pay them a living wage. Additionally, hiring a half-time membership professional will give needed attention to strengthening connections within our congregation and integrating new members. We also must build the financial capacity to continually attract top talent to our pulpit to spiritually nourish us and the community.

First UU has a long history of being a voice for compassion, reason and justice. Now, challenging times call us to take positive action, and we aspire to take it further than we have in the past. If we are to be effective, we need to have the financial resources to initiate relevant social justice action and partnerships to lead positive change. This includes funding more leadership training and UU conference/ prilgrimage opportunities for congregants of all ages who want to increase their engagement in living our principles. Above all, however, we must be ready to respond in a timely manner to events as they unfold and have the financial resources to take action that we decide upon as a community. All of this can only happen through our generous financial pledges. Each of us is Called to Act.

Pledge at no later than March 25th.

Autumn Fehr & Joan Lewis Co-Chairs, Stewardship