DARE to CARE Conference at First UU and Diversity Richmond

Greater Richmond Humanists would like to invite all UU congregants to the Saved by Science & Humanism: Dare to Care regional conference that will be taking place in Richmond this coming weekend. Please note this is a two-day conference, and there is a separate venue for each day.

With ‘Dare to Care’ serving as a unifying thread, the conference will focus on three main themes:

  • science broadly defined – with a particular emphasis on evolution, climate change, and the foundational role critical thinking plays in helping us understand reality, identify potential problems, and make wise decisions• humanitarian principles – with an examination of the inequitable conditions faced by marginalized communities; an inclination to proactively address big picture problems that reach beyond our own narrow interests; and a full-throated embrace of secular ethics

    • civic activism and political engagement – which allow us to channel comprehension and concern into beneficial social reform

Dare to Care will feature a diverse group of speakers (33 all told), just over half of whom are women, a third people of color, and a sixth open and activist members of the LGBTQ community. Most of the speakers are proponents of science, education, and critical thinking and many have been presidents, executive directors, and/or founders of organizations that promote rational discourse and a scientific mindset along with 1) expanding the pool of people one cares about, and 2) civic and political engagement to help foster a humane society.

At this point we’re doing ok with finances and are primarily focused on turning out an engaged audience. So please feel free to drop by for a couple of hours or for two full days – donate a little if you’d like or simply enjoy the conference! (and feel free to bring food to go along with the snacks and coffee we’ll provide)

I’ve posted some basics above – but please visit https://www.SavedByScience.com for more information including a full conference schedule and speakers gallery. And if you have any questions, please give me a call at (804) 320-0493 or email me at rpenczak@verizon.net

Thanks and hope to see you at the conference!

Rob Penczak
Co-leader of Greater Richmond Humanist