Share The Plate

An important way in which the First Unitarian Universalist Church of Richmond and its members and friends participate in community outreach is Share the Plate (STP).  A core value of the congregation is being engaged and making a positive difference in the larger community.

Each Sunday’s offering for a full month (that not specifically designated for other purposes) is equally divided between the church itself and an organization that merits support.  This could be a Richmond-area community organization, a Unitarian-Universalist group, another religiously-affiliated group, or a secular worthy cause. Generally, no organization can be a beneficiary more than once in three years.

Below you will find a nomination form for interested members and friends to suggest worthy recipient organizations and groups.  The STP committee welcomes such nominations; it carefully vets nominees and selects those it finds most deserving.

The current STP committee is composed of Dee DeRoche, Ralph H. Graner (chair), and Faith Harris, actively advised by the Reverend Jeanne Pupke.

Share the Plate nominations can be made here.