Team Kindness works in coordination with the Lay Pastoral Care Program. The LPCP attends to more serious and long-term needs of congregants while Team Kindness provides services to congregants that are short-term and non-emergent in nature. Together, we all help to support the ministers of the church in caring for our congregants and active friends.

Team Kindness offers a tender heart in a moment of sorrow, happy cheer in a moment of joy; a meal in a moment of challenge; a ride in a moment of need.

Team Kindness is a group of quiet volunteers dedicated to supporting our members and active friends in the moments of life that present us with a need for help and encouragement and even celebration.

Our monthly coordinators receive your calls for assistance, and then using a roster of willing volunteer church members, arrange for a care provider to help you with your needs:  a meal or two; a ride to a grocery store or a medical appointment; a friendly visit; coordinators also make calls to check on those among us who have received a touch of nice in recent weeks.

Our volunteer caretakers provide the meals, the rides, the visits – the Kindness!

Coordinators are also responsible for sending birthday cards to our members who have achieved a certain age, and the sympathy, get-well, and congratulatory cards, as appropriate.

We are always happy to add volunteers to our care team.

Team Kindness can be reached by email: