Cardinal Elementary School Partnership

E.S.H. Greene Elementary School

  • Located on Richmond’s Southside, the student population at Greene Elementary is mostly African American and Latinx American with the fastest growing Latinx population of any school in Richmond with more than 90 percent of the students living at or below poverty level.
  • The church’s partnership with Greene is part of Richmond city’s Micah Initiative. Everyone engaging with Greene is a member of our “Greene Team.” During our meetings, we reflect on what we are doing; deepen our understanding of cultural differences; explore issues of marginalization and privilege; and live the deeper truth that EVERY child is OUR child.
  • As the “Greene Team” we contribute to the school in the following ways:
    • Backpack Snacks
    • Winter coats
    • Mentoring
    • Weekly visits to read with the students
    • Yard sale
  • For more information, please contact Joel Blum at