Our spiritual journeys have different challenges at each life stage. Adult Formation Growth Groups, geared toward age-, lifestage-, and interest-appropriate focuses, provide opportunities for community, spiritual deepening, reflection, and learning about one's self and the wider world.

Adult Formation offers opportunities for adults to grow their faith and reflect on their spiritual journey.
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Sunday mornings are not the only way or only day to practice your faith. We practice our faith when we join in an experience of spiritual deepening. There are groups that offer you a way to practice and deepen your Unitarian Universalist faith. Our faith has many paths to spiritual maturity.

Adult Formation Information
First UU Practice Groups

Young Adults are in the age cohort of 18 – 35ish. This faith formation is often characterized by exploration and learning about vocation, relationships and the relationship of their faith to their work or education.

Young Adult Group - convener Kellie Mattingly

Parent Group - conveners are Aleks Kutscha and Kara Withrow

Mid-Life is characterized as a time when we are deeply connected to families through children, parenting, and as adult children of Mentors/Elders. It encompasses ages 35 -55. Balance is often a theme: life-work balance, family – work balance; group – self balance. How do we balance our work, our vocation, our families, and our responsibilities to our elders and find the space for our own spiritual growth and reflection?

Wednesday Community Nights are designed for this time in life, as are our small groups & community groups.

Mentors are people who have reached a stage of mastery in their lives and have the ability and time to help one another and others, ages 55-75. They are a much valued part of our communities for the wisdom they can share with our Youth, our Young Adults, and our Mid-Life adults.  A group characterized as self-directed learners, their focus on faith leans toward where they find meaning in their lives.

We have sign ups for small groups (which are often closed otherwise) once or twice a year. Contact Margaret Rush for more information.

Elders, 75+ are our wisdom keepers. They are a richness in history and experience.

First UU DAYTIMERS group was formed through the merger of the "Fifty's Plus" and the "Women's Alliance" in 2007. Their membership gathers each month in the President's Hall or at an off-site location from 11 a.m. to 1 p.m. The open door format offers a variety of programs, social discussions, and the enjoyment of good food. Join us on the 2nd Wednesday of each month. We assist with rides when needed for events.

Daytimers conveners - Louise Werner and Darlene Dragavon