Governor Northam presents his proposed two-year budget next week. Even though the General Assembly (and the new Governor) will have the final say on the budget, what is included in his budget will help frame the conversations and will influence the final budget. The money committees will be reviewing the budget proposals before the General Assembly begins (January 12) and before Governor-elect Youngkin is inaugurated (January 15).

Urge Governor Northam to include investments in affordable housing in his budget. Click HERE to send an email to the Governor. 

Now is the time for Virginia to invest in affordable housing.  When Virginia allocated out its American Rescue Plan Act dollars in the Special Session this summer, not one penny was devoted to building new affordable housing units, even though Virginia clearly has a housing affordability crisis. Virginia has a budget surplus – what better time to invest in affordable housing and reduce homelessness.

VICPP is advocating that the following investments in affordable housing be put in the budget:

  • $300 million to Build more affordable housing units.VICPP supports the Virginia Housing Alliance proposal to invest in Virginia's Housing Trust Fund to build affordable housing and prevent homelessness. This investment would lead to approximately 20,000 new affordable rental units and 1100 new homeownership opportunities.
  • $150 million to Provide rental assistance.Families need support to be able to rent housing on the private market. Given the limited supply of public housing, nonprofit housing, and Section 8 vouchers (the federal rental assistance program), Virginia should develop its own rental assistance program to support low-income families.
  • $10.5 million to Pilot a Restorative Homeownership Program.The Virginia Poverty Law Center has worked with nonprofit groups to create a Restorative Homeownership Pilot Program that will develop a model for how Virginia can assist low- and moderate-income people whose families have been victims of past housing discrimination to become homeowners.

Click HERE to get VICPP's fact sheet on Affordable Housing.

Even though the General Assembly doesn't start for another month, encouraging investments in affordable housing to be included in the budget will matter.  Please send him an email today.